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  • Matrimonial Disputes

    Matrimonial Disputes

    The matrimonial disputes arise between partners in marriage. The disputes can be due to several reasons. The matrimonial disputes also bring with it a number of litigations, such a civil litigation and criminal litigation, as the family laws in the country gives rise to myriad of litigation for each person’s specific claims.

    In our practice, we believe in advising our clients’ to choose that road as the last option and mediate with them till the end, although, some times, it is not in the individual’s control to save the family ties and resorting to measures like divorce, which breaks the union of family for the better. The Act governing Matrimonial Disputes in India are Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, Christian Marriage Age, etc.

    The criminal cases of matrimonial disputes may relate to domestic violence, physical or mental torture, dowry demand, or physical harassment for dowry.