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  • Export Dispute

    Export Dispute

    Legal Tempo renders legal advice and prepares legal documentation for its clients in the area of International Trade and Customs laws. The firm advises on compliance with Export & Import Laws and procedures. We draft contracts, joint venture agreements, foreign collaborations and standard terms of trade including financial arrangements of international trade. The firm also assists in obtaining statutory permissions and sanctions from various regulatory and government bodies, departments and agencies.

    We act in all aspects of aviation, marine and general transport law including all related insurance issues. Our practice further encompasses other general and specialist insurance areas such as fire insurance, all risks policies and professional negligence insurance.

    • Export Laws & Procedures

    • Letters of Credits (L/C)

    • Payment Terms Settlement

    • Litigation with Shipping Companies

    • Custom clearances

    • Foreign Exchange laws

    • WTO Rules & Policies

    • International Trade & Transport

    • Marine Insurance

    • Maritime Arbitration